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Custom cocos2d-x menu items 0

Custom cocos2d-x menu items

Adding effects to cocos2dx menus can be achieved easily by writing our own derived menu item class. In this tutorial we’ll add a zoom in/out effect to the default cocos2d-x menu item. It will...

Build cocos2d-x for Android 4

Build cocos2d-x for Android

This post describes how to build a cocos2d-x (2.2.1) android project on OS X. For further detail you’re invited to check the official doc. I suppose you already have installed both android SDK and...

Load shader with cocos2d-x 0

Load shader with cocos2d-x

Cocos2d-x uses OpenGL shaders to draw everything on screen. Shaders are programs written in GLSL and executed on the GPU to improve performances. One can write his own shaders easily if more control is...

polygon_color3 5

Texture polygons in Cocos2d-x

In this tutorial we’ll talk about how to create textured physics polygon with cocos2d-x (2.2.1) and box2d (2.2.1) using polygon triangulation. For the impatient the source code is available on our github repository. You...

Level files validation using JSON schema 0

Level files validation using JSON schema

JSON is a popular data format for server/client communication but it’s also used in game development to configure the game content. A JSON file mostly contains levels’ information like characters position, terrain structure or...

Qt and multiple Xcode installations 0

Qt and multiple Xcode installations

I recently installed Xcode 5 on Mountain Lion. But I didn’t want to get rid of XCode 4. So I kept both installations in /Applications/Xcode-4.app and /Application/Xcode-5.app. Now how my build scripts using xcodebuild...

Build lib2geom on OS X 0

Build lib2geom on OS X

his mini-howto describes the procedure to build lig2geom on Mac OS X. lib2geom is a C++ 2D computational geometry library built for inkscape but can be used for other applications. lib2geom has been chosen...

Welcome to pix2d’s blog 0

Welcome to pix2d’s blog

elcome to the technical blog of pix2d.com where we’ll post game development-related topics. Hope you’ll find this useful and please feel free to comment and/or contact the team.